Sunday, March 7, 2010

I'm a believer!

Today was the day I was supposed to run a half marathon. As you know, that didn't happen, but something else amazing did happen today: I discovered the run/walk method!

My parents have been into this thing for a while and today we decided to do 8 miles run/walk since we skipped out on the half marathon. I have to admit I was a little scared. The most I've run since I started back up is 4 miles, and lately I've only been doing 3 due to shin/ankle/other pain.

So how did it go?

By golly it went great! Every now and then my ankle would start hurting but it seemed like every time it was close to hurting we had a walk break and it went away. Shin pain was nonexistent. By mile 5 I was in disbelief, by mile 7 I was a convert. I am now a believer in the run/walk method!

At the end of my run my legs felt incredibly tired and a little achey but ABSOLUTELY NO PAIN. Did I mention we went EIGHT miles? lol

I don't plan on doing this for all my workouts because I don't feel like my cardiovascular system got quite the workout it needed (I actually never felt like I was pushing) but my legs have never been this tired in my life. I think a good mix of long run/walks and shorter runs where I can really push it might be best.

All I know is I'm definitely doing that again. I feel great.

Oh, and I need one of those little beeper/vibrator/timer thing-a-ma-jigs. :D

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