Sunday, March 21, 2010

My 8 miler (in pictures!)

Okay so I encourage you all to bring a camera with you on a slow long run/walk and snapping a few photos on the walking portions. It's pretty neat to look at after.

Anyways... here's my run in photos :D

Starting out... beautiful sunrise   

Still kinda dim out...

Starting to lighten up a bit...

More Trail...

I really wish this picture did this bridge more justice. It doesn't look NEARLY as steep and huge in this picture. Next time I'm going to stop right before the bridge and take a nice non-blurry picture of this thing. It was hard!! And of course my walking break ended RIGHT BEFORE the bridge so had to run the whole dang thing lol.

Beautiful view from the top of the giant bridge LOL

Oh watch out....  "sharp turn"... I better slow down or I might flip!

Yeah... this was the "sharp turn" lol! Maybe if I were DRIVING that would be sharp.

I just thought the tree looked neat :D

Oh another "sharp turn"... better hit the brakes so I don't end up careening around the corner at my lightning speed! :D

Neat Crooked Tree!

Cool clouds

More Cool Clouds

Pretty pink blossomed tree

Baseball field! And I love this baseball field because that means I'm almost at the turnaround (4 mile) point!


Pretty Sun :D

My garmin! Little less than a mile til snack break :D

Same turn, different direction this time!

Pretty view

Sun's gettin kinda warm...

I had eaten my gummy bears by this point and was feeling much more energetic :D

Home Stretch! 2 miles left... I started picking up the pace here!

1 mile left! REALLY pushed the pace here....

Done with the run and admiring how my ghetto-rigged "hydration belt" ACTUALLY kept this water bottle attached to me the entire time. My secret? I attached the water bottle to my spi belt with a couple hair ties (cut them and then retied them really tied around the water bottle) and then put it on the part of the spi-belt that has two "bands" for a little extra support. I still need a real belt but the running store was out of them last time I visited.

It's the geico squirrel! LOL I think the thought process he was having was "dude.. it's way too early to be running. Stop and have some breakfast with me! These bark pieces are very enticing!"

As for the run, it went great. Here are my splits:

Distance: 8 mi
Total Time: 1:25:51
Overall Pace: 10:44/mile (5.6 mph)

Mile 1: 10:40
Mile 2: 11:23
Mile 3: 11:21
Mile 4: 11:26
Mile 5: 10:45
Mile 6: 10:23
Mile 7: 10:19
Mile 8: 9:31

"Fuel" Schedule
@ 5.3 miles (3 gummy bears + sip of water)
@ 6.3 miles (2 gummy bears + sip of water)
@ 7.3 miles (2 gummy bears + sip of water)
@ end (last gummy bear!)
On drive home... 2 cups of skim milk w/lite chocolate syrup (my FAVORITE recovery food :D)

So my first mile was too fast but other than that they were all negative splits. Yay. Next time slow down for the first mile!!!

A few more details on the "ghetto spi-belt" for someone who asked :D Surprisingly simple!

1. Step 1: Find a water bottle that you want to use (better if the bottle has a narrower mid-section so it doesn't slip so much - my bottle slipped a lot)
2. Step 2: Cut a hair tie (I'm sure a rubber band would work better), and use it to tie the water bottle to the band closest to your body on the part of the spi-belt (see bright blue hair tie in pic). Tie it as tight as you can! The water bottle should now be between the two spi-belt bands.
3. Step 3: Go run! It seemed to stay better when the spi belt was very tight, and the water bottle was closest to the buckle on the spi belt (as far right as it can go in the picture below).

Any questions? Ask me!

Close up

What it looks like ON you


  1. Good job on the run! And I love the pics! Thanks for sharing! I never run early in the morning (more of a night owl, so my runs are in the afternoon), but your pics made me want to get up and run with the sunrise!

  2. Love the photo play-by-play!! I may try that when I'm out on the trail running!! Btw, need more details on your 'ghetto' hydration belt. I have a spibelt and would love to be able to bring my water with me like that. :)

  3. dude! you're awesome!! I'm going to try this tomorrow :) (if it doesn't rain...again). So one day, when I can actually make it 8 miles, I'm coming to O-town and we're going for a run. :)

  4. Great photos! I never remember to bring a camera along.

  5. Love the pics and the modified hydration belt. :) If you get a chance, will you e-mail me and tell me which trail you were on ... I haven't run that one yet, but would love to check it out. And thanks for linking to my post at the Turtles blog... it's all relative!

  6. Oops... saw the trail name after I posted my comment. :-) (It's late!) BTW: did you read my recent post on disclosure??