Wednesday, March 24, 2010


My personal trainer wanted me to record what hurt at 24 hours and 48 hours after our appointment. Well it's been 24 hours, and is "every single inch of my body" an option for "what hurts?" I hope so because that's what I'm putting on the sheet of paper.

But since she wants me to record this stuff the following hurts most;
1. Butt
2. Hamstrings
3. Inner Thighs
hurts second most;
1. shoulders/upper back
2. forearms
feeling really tight;
1. back muscles

But really when you wake up in the middle of the night because you can't find a comfortable position because every body parts hurts when pressed against the mattress..... yeah.

I can't wait til I build up some muscular strength.

Oh and the ironic thing? My shins and calves, the two biggest problems spots for me feel great today. I even went for a run this morning(albeit a very wobbly/limping run) and didn't feel it AT ALL in those two spots. I'm wondering if it's really so miraculous or if I just hurt everywhere else so much the chronic lower leg pain is somewhat masked. I'm hoping it's not the latter option.

Run Recap:
Easy run for the week. 3 miles.. 9:04/mile, 27:11 total. Felt great besides my aching butt/hamstrings/innerthighs :D

And.... surprise surprise there was actually someone else in our apartment gym at 6:00am, RUNNING next to me on the other treadmill. It was kinda neat, there is never anyone in that gym, especially at 6am. I probably went a little faster than I normally do because I was being watched! lol

Oh, and one more thing. I have this drying rack set up in my room to hang all my running clothes on. I used to just use it after I washed my stuff and now i just hang on sweaty stuff on there to dry too, so really it's just turned into my running clothes storage area. Anyway, I finally took the cotton tank tops off of the drying rack and put them in the regular closet with the rest of my clothes. I realized this morning i have enough actual running shirts I haven't used the cotton ones in a while... it's time to retire them to "regular clothes" once more. It felt empowering...

(a perfect pic of what my drying rack...I mean running clothes holder looks like :D)


  1. Haha, how true is that? Everytime I know that I'm being watched, I'll kick it up a notch too!

    Thanks for adding me to your Chicago Marathon runners list! I have to get this May marathon out of the way and then focus on Chicago. Whoohoo!

  2. whooohooo for building muscles!

  3. I always tear it up when there's other people in the gym! Haha. Especially if they can see my miles per hour. :)

  4. Pretty soon, people are going to start commenting...Wow, look that those guns! Where's the gun show? Haha!

  5. I'm afraid to be hardcore on the treadmills because I'm worried that I'll face-plant or die from exhaustion.

    I totally need a drying rack like that...since I am the sweatiest runner alive.

  6. Just found your blog. I like messing with trainers, so when you get asked what hurts, say it's your uvula and earlobes. If the trainer doesn't laugh, the next workout might be a tough one, though.