Thursday, April 8, 2010

8 miler, alligators, and a genius idea!

So I came up with this amazing idea and I just had to share. I was running my 8 miler today w/my step-dad and every mile my Garmin beeped to let me know I was making progress (oh what a BEAUTIFUL sound!). That gave me this wonderful idea, and when someone decides to make a ton of money off it, they should buy me a new running shirt or something.

So... imagine a Garmin that instead of beeping every mile instead yells out motivational things like "wow... 4 miles?? you kick ASS" and then "5 miles??? You're crazy girl!" and then... "6 miles?? Hope you brought a good post run snack you crazy runner girl!"

I'd call it the "Charmin" (get it???? instead of the Garmin?? I know so original). I'd have to make sure I put a warning on the box that says "not responsible for injuries caused by you pushing yourself harder than normal due to incredible motivation"

Yeah I'm lame.

Anyway... run recap:

8 miles - 11:49pace - 1hr 35 min (Run/Walk ratio 2:1)

And some fun pics (we saw lot of gators but didn't get pics of a lot of them because we were running)

Me after the Run! What you don't see here is I have little gnats stuck to the sweat all over my face. It was pretty disgusting lol

My Step-Dad!

Look at the cute little gator!!! ;D

If anyone near central Florida wants to run this park with me let me know. I loved it, it was beautiful!


  1. Whoa. Nasty on the gnats. I heard that if you get the Nike+ running tool it has sports starts like Lance Armstrong and Tiger Woods on there saying "You just hit a personal record" and such.

  2. Visiting after seeing your comment on Feet Meet Street. Nothing I like more then sharing the stories of running and of course, the normal people I hang out with don't want to hear about it ;)

  3. Love the Garmin idea, although you might want to reconsider the name since it is also the name of a toilet paper brand =) It took me a minute to figure out why it was so familiar.

    Way to go on the 8 miles! I would love to run the park with you but sadly am too far away. Have a great weekend!

  4. Wtg on the 8 miles! It looks nice out there. I'd love to say 'yeah..let's run it', but it also looks like the place someone would dump a body lol! (yeah...I'm a weird thinker like that) And hey...gnats have em up! :P

  5. Okay, gators are terrifying!

    I love that you run with your step-dad! I should get more of my family to run with me when I go home for visits.

    I hope the "Charmin" would have a sexy voice.

  6. I heard that alligators can run faster than most people. Is this true? I'm just glad that every gator I've seen has been at the zoo. I guess we have mountain lions in California, but they are much more rare.

  7. LOL, that's not a lame joke. I thought it was funny. Glad I found this blog!