Thursday, April 29, 2010

9 Miles and Friendly People :)

Ran 9 miles today! Farthest I've ever run in my life! I meant to try 5minrun/1minwalk because the marathon training group near me does that interval (that's the lowest interval they have). I was nervous about it and about 4 miles in I was thinking those 5 minute intervals seemed like they were lasting forever! The longest I've done is 3 min run/1 min walk. By the end I was hurting, I really pushed the last 1.5 miles simply because I wanted it to be over quicker.

I took my gymboss interval timer off my shirt so I could put it on my cooldown interval and when I looked at it I realized I had been on 6 min/1min intervals. No wonder the 5 min segments seemed like they were lasting forever.... I started crying when I saw that. I think I was just so exhausted and then frustrated because I feel like 6:1 is too much from 4:1 and I'm going to be regretting it tomorrow....

Anyway I'm happy it went well. I'm happy I got 9 miles in today... I wish I had done the interval I meant to and maybe I wouldn't be hurting so bad, but happy nontheless.

Oh and for the friendly people, I was on mile 7 and some lady who started riding he bike when I started running and I guess she was ending her bike ride at that point when she passed by me again and she like stopped her bike and said "great job!!!!!" and she was like really enthusiastic. It was pretty freaking awesome. It's exactly what I needed at that point.

Mile Splits:
Mile 1- 10:13
Mile 2- 10:51
Mile 3- 10:49
Mile 4- 10:50
Mile 5- 10:17
Mile 6- 10:30
Mile 7- 10:15
Mile 8- 10:10
Mile 9- 8:42

Average: 10:18/mile
Total Miles: 9
Total Time: 1:32:43
Calories Burned: 811 (awesome!!! I'm thinking pumpkin pie.... :D)

Oh and I tried Sharkies for the first time on my run today. They were pretty good!


  1. Wow nice run! Take it easy the next few days since you ended up pushing your intervals too long!

  2. Great job! That's a great pace! Do you train with the Galloway group from Track Shack?

  3. Good work and congrats on a new high....those are always fun once you do them! I'm hitting a new high this weekend with Morgan coming along for the run.....I'm excited.

  4. Great job! YAY!

  5. Great job out there girly! Don't stress to much over the time, but def get some ice on those legs to counter react the workout. And STRETCH!!!

  6. It makes such a huge difference when someone says something nice, doesn't it? On my solo 16-miler two weeks ago, I got an insult and a compliment in the same day.

    Congrats on 9 miles! Isn't it exciting? Try a cold bath -- they work!

  7. Thought I'd reply here to your reply to my reply (my head hurts after typing that LOL). Showering with your running clothes on is brilliant LOL.

    Does Marathonfest do a run/walk too? I've been training with the Galloway group for over 2 years and I love them. I may become a pace leader next year.

  8. Stretch stretch! :) But think about it, you pushed harder & longer without knowing it! What if you had known you were doing 6:1?? You would have felt more tired, and probably not finished the full 9. But you pushed, and did awesome! The lady on the bike said so. :)

  9. Hey just did a blogger search for Chicago Marathon 2010 and found you blog!

    you shouldn't stress about the 6:1... if it was really too much you wouldn't have been able to handle it as well and and finish that last mile as fast as you did!

  10. Oh man...I haven't had Pumpkin Pie since like Thanksgiving...and now you are making me want some, and I don't know where to get it.

    Nice work on your run! It will be good to look back on this run and remember that you did the 6:1 ratio. You got through it and pushed yourself past what was comfortable!

  11. Well done.... great pace! I like the 'healthy organic' stuff you ate this time. LOL Sounds like an excellent running week, and nice people are always a bonus!! :)