Monday, April 12, 2010

Choose your running partners wisely!

Time for the weekend running recap :D

Saturday's Run:
4 1/2 miles in 41ish minutes - 9:05min/mile

*It went really well. I pushed comfortably hard and ended up making this an accidental tempo run but that's okay. I'm pretty happy with it :D. Felt great. One of my fastest training runs ever and felt good.
Could definitely FEEL shins but they didn't hurt (if that makes sense)

Sunday's Run:
3 miles in 28ish minutes - 9:23min/mile

*Okay my shins were already hurting this morning from yesterday's run so I meant to do a nice slow recovery jog. So... I picked a friend of mine who hasn't run in months (I conveniently forgot she was a cross country track star in high school). Anyway we take off and I'm constantly telling her to slow down and a couple times she just went ahead and then had to double back when she realized she had left me in the dust lol. Needless to say I did not get my 10-11 minute/mile recovery jog I wanted but I did discover a friend who will be great for a 5k race or something lol. Oh... and I'm in a lot of pain now. Note to self: do a running background inquiry BEFORE choosing a recovery running buddy!!

Other highlights:
*my super long slowly building marathon training starts next week. I'm stoked
*my midweek runs are now switching from required miles run to required mintutes run. I'm pretty excited for this too.
*12k on Saturday (7.4 miles). I'm stoked, if not a bit nervous


  1. Wow. Those are really great paces on both your runs.

    That sucks your running partner took off... I may have heard before that is running taboo?? I think they are supposed to ask if it's ok to take off before they do....

    I'll be eager to hear how your 12k goes. I am signed up to run one of those on May 29.

  2. @Holly: Yeah she never got so far ahead that it could have been considered taboo but it was stressful for me lol!

  3. I think finding the perfect running partner is really some kind mix of art, science, and luck. Sometimes, I run with one who is too fast, so I always feel like crap after the run is over. Usually, I run with one who is slightly slower than my pace. In the end, I do my speed work on my own.

  4. Yeah it always amazes me how "lazy" is a relative term. The impressive things some people can do without any training.

    Anyway, kudos to you for keeping up with her! And sore at that! I'm excited to follow your marathon training. One of these days I'll commit to a full. Just not yet...

  5. Great midweek runs. How was the 12k today?