Sunday, April 25, 2010

A great weekend full of running and smiling :)

I had such an awesome weekend! Seriously, awesome.


I ran a 5k with 2 of my fellow bloggers, Robin from Running Circles Around Turtles, and Morgan from Caution: Redhead Running, and last but not least Harold from Aimless Runner.

The 5k was awesome, my IT band was bothering me and poor Robin's foot was not exactly 100% awesome so we went pretty slow but it felt great! I even had enough energy to run back to the start instead of taking the smelly sweaty shuttles! ewwwww

Mile Splits for the 5k:
Mile 1: 13:18
Mile 2: 13:17
Mile 3: 13:43


Today I was supposed to run 3 miles, I ran 3.25 because a ran .25 less than I should have yesterday. And.... it was awesome! I really contribute that to Morgan for showing me some great IT band stretches yesterday. The knee felt great. Shins kinda painful still (I think I forgot about those while my knee was hurting). But I'm ecstatic! And I ran negative splits!

Mile 1: 10:00
Mile 2: 9:58
Mile 3: 9:18
Last .25 miles: 2:05 (8:11 pace)

And some great photos from Morgan's camera! There are a few w/Robin too but those are on her camera so as soon as I get them I'll post! :D

Post Race Pics!

Me (nike shirt), Morgan (cool blue/green tank), Harold (bright yellow)

Me (Nike shirt), Morgan (blue and green tank)


  1. Fun race.....and I'm glad we didn't ride the smelly buses back either!

  2. I will send you the PT exercises tomorrow from work and I guarantee that you'll be feeling even better soon! So great to have met you and I'm glad we got in that run back so we could chat more!

  3. Congrats on your race! I LOVE meeting fellow bloggers, how fun!

  4. Did you guys mean to color coordinate ;) Very nice. And yeah, I'm learning that IT band stretches are pretty much my BFF (though painful at times).