Wednesday, April 21, 2010

ITB Pain still....

Not much to write about. Went for a 5 miler yesterday and it's pretty official - my IT band hates me.

My Action Plan:
*Easy 2min run/1 min walk for my long runs and maybe a 4/1 for the other runs for at least a week
*Foam Rolling (trying to get this in 2x/day)
*Stretching (at least once per day holding for 1min+ on the IT band)
*lots of advil.... :(
*Icing (@ least once per day)
*Strength training hips/glutes/quads 2x/week (first time was yeterday and man I'm sore - I've never worked my hips before!)
*Thinking about getting a knee strap (haven't bought it yet - any recommendations?)

Let's hope this all works though it's SO hard to find time to do all this. Seriously. The foam roller takes forever when I do it right (stopping on all the tender spots until they feel not so tender).

Anybody else have tips? I really appreciate the ones you guys wrote on my last blog. Thanks so much!

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  1. Fortunately *crosses fingers* I have not had any ITB problems. But the one stretch I always do in prevention is to cross one foot over the other and then bend down like you are trying to touch your toes. I do that one before and after every run and so far I've been ITB pain free.

  2. Yes, the "cho-pat" strap. It goes above your knee. I found it sometimes slips a little during the run, but if you wet it first, it will stay in place nicely. Its no cure, just takes the force off the tendon so you can run a bit while it heals. You still need to stop right away of you get pain.

  3. This all sounds good. Really if you are gritting your teeth while running, I wouldn't run at all. It's mid April, and you've gotten up to a good base. You'll lose some while resting, but it comes back pretty quickly!

    If you start training a month from now for a marathon in still have four months. Not sure which plan you're using, but I know Hal Higdon has a four month-er.

    Anyway, I know how you feel I HATE not running/training. I learned the hard way pushing yourself when you have sharp pain doesn't make you a hero. It just prolongs recovery.