Thursday, May 27, 2010


According to the urban dictionary:

2. badassery

Engaging in seemingly impossible activities and achieving success in a manner that renders all onlookers completely awestruck.
Did you see that badassery? He just took down a whole battalion with nothing but his hands!

Yep.... this post is all about "badassery". So the plan today was to run 6 miles nonstop. I usually do long runs on Thursday but I did a 12 miler last week so this week was the "cutback" week which apparently means I'm supposed to run half the distance of my longest long run. So, 6 miles it was. I decided I didn't need walking breaks. (Note: my longest run before today without walking breaks was 5 miles).

So I already felt like a badass (maybe like a 6 on the 1-10 "badass" scale) the second I started running, knowing that I was going an entire mile (or 20%) more than I've ever gone without walking breaks. I was feeling pretty darn good about myself. Then I realized about a mile in that i'd forgotten my hat... and it was pretty warm out. Meaning, there was sweat dripping into my eyes. "No problem" I thought to myself "I'm a badass... I can deal with sweat in my eyes!". (badass scale up to a 8ish/10 at this point)

Yeah... that thought lasted all about 5 minutes. I mean it was STINGING. I kept wiping it away and that stung more because my face is so sensitive. At this point I was not feeling so badass (dropping to a 5/10). I looked around... I did not bring a towel, I did not bring a kleenex, nothing. I briefly considered turning back to go get my hat and then I looked own and saw it... my shirt! I'd like to mention here that I've always kinda judged women who run in their sports bras when it's not completely necessary (like is it really THAT hot outside???). But at that moment, the stinging in my eyes overruled my judgmental bias toward shirtless runners and I did it. I took off the shirt (yeah I was wearing a sports bra! lol), rolled it up and tied it around my forehead. There we go. Instant sweat-band.

I have to admit, I REALLY felt like a badass now! (we're up to a 9/10 on the badass scale!!) I mean... there I was... running in a sports bra with my gleaming six pack for all to see. Yeah... not so much. But it still felt pretty cool. It was right about this time that I was feeling extremely cocky and confident... I was feeling strong, I was running fast, I was amazing... just about to reach my 10/10 on the badass scale and then it happened... I got PASSED by another women also running in a bra, with a six pack... wait for it... PUSHING A BABY JOGGER with TWO largish CHILDREN in there!!!! I mean these were not like babies. These were miniature humans! Okay... my badass scale officially has dropped to like a 3/10 at this point. I am just an average shirtless runner who forgot her hat today.

I just want all of my blogging buddies who do that (push little humans in joggers while you're running) that when non-pushers see you, we are awestruck. You TRULY ARE badass!


  1. Running chicks wearing not a lot of clothing = hot. hehe :D

  2. Great post!!!! I totally think you are badass! I had the salt/sweat stinging my eyes last night...BRUTAL! Great impressed that you were able to run straight through...I am a Run/Walk 10min/1min and I would love to be able to change that...not quite there yet!

  3. LOL you are cracking me up!! I am the same way about the sports bra only thing. It has got to be pretty darn hot for me to run without at least a rank top too!

    Congrats on being an awesome badass!

  4. here in the summer (and a lot during the winter cause lets face it, its never really winter here in houston), i wear as little as possible, everyone be damned!

    we're harder on ourselves than we need to be...for the majority, no one else is judging us unless they are guys and they just like that we have very little on :)

    way to go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BADASSERY INDEED!!!

    gonna kill me tonight man...i had to go out at lunch and its hotter than all get out out there today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Congrats on the non-stop 6 miler. You rock! And this post is awesome! lol

  6. Great post! You totally defined that word :)

    Love the shirt story! I kinda feel the same way -- have never attempted the sports bra only -- go YOU for rocking it out!

    I know what you mean about completing the distance and not stopping. It is HARD as you get up in the miles. But it's possible. Great job!

  7. LOL. Great post.
    I guess I could exercise in just a sports bra, but don't. I'm too self conscious for that. Maybe one day. Just to say I did it. You're so bad ass! Congrats on the run without walk breaks!

    And yeah anyone who exercises with a stroller is an elite.

  8. LoL...I've contemplated the 'just a sports bra' look with the heat lately, but I'm not as badass as you. :P Wtg on the 6 miler!!!!!

  9. great story... you're still a total badass in my mind!

  10. Ahhh, don't sweat getting strollered. Happens to me ALL THE TIME. I really really hate it when it happens to me on the beach, & when the mom to strollered me goes on to finish top 10 female ;)