Monday, May 10, 2010

Finally caught up!

By the time I logged in this morning to my google reader I had EIGHTY THREE unread posts. Yikes. I've been reading them since around 7:30 this morning (over three hours!) and finally have now caught up with all of them. Wow, the blogging community is doing such great things. You all are SO inspirational!!!!

As for me... I did a nice 3 miler yesterday which was gonna be super fast until I got a horrible neck cramp (see pace chart below how the pace was slowly getting better and better until mile 2 where I got my cramp from playing with my ipod). Good run nonetheless though.

That brought my training total to 23 miles for the week! That's the most i've ever done. Cutback now and I'm super excited!


  1. Yay! Congrats on the new weekly distance record!

    Yikes. I have never had a neck cramp while running but it sounds awful. I am going to keep that in mind the next time I think I need to tinker with my MP3 player!

  2. I'm with Kim, congratulations on the personal distance record for the week!

    Also, my advice is to avoid feeling OBLIGATED to always read and comment on blogs. Blogging (both reading and writing) should be something fun and enjoyable, not a daily burden that prevents you from doing other things you want. I realized that when I was on vacation and was saying, "Ugh! I have so many unread posts in my Google Reader!" Just a helpful hint because I know the "unread" number can be totally overwhelming.

    But if you enjoy it, go go!

  3. I'm impressed you do so many AM runs! Seriously if races weren't so fun I might never run in the morning.

    You're doing so great with the weekly mileage!