Tuesday, May 11, 2010


  • Joined Marathonfest @ Track Shack in Orlando. Anyone doing it too? (I know Robin from Running Circles Around The Turtles is doing it :D)
    • A little sad about having to throw away my awesome schedule that I spent sooo long on since they'll be giving me one.
  • Ran 5 miles this morning w/o IT band strap. IT Band did great... 
    • shins are angry with me and will probably stay angry with me since I don't have time to ice until tonight :(
  • Thursday is my last day at work and then I just have school and marathon training til the end of the year. I'm extremely excited about having SO many hours per week back! 
    • (never realized how much time my "part time" job was taking up until I think about how much time I"m GOING to have...)
  • Signed up for the Chicago Rock N Roll half marathon (http://chicago.competitor.com/) on August 1st. If you want to do this sign up now it's nearly full!
    • Decided against the regular half marathon in September due to school obligations
  • Fell in love with these shorts by adidas.... 

That's it!!!! :D


  1. Great job on the run today. Cute shorts...I am looking for a cute new skirt...I should check out adidas...You can always merge the two scheduled and do a combo...I am running with a group program but have to alter it slightly to fit my needs!

  2. cool... I'm curious to hear how the Chicago rock n' roll half goes! I was tempted to sign up but it gets freaking hot around here in the summer that I've decided to wimp out this time...

  3. Please tell us more. What is "Marathonfest" ?

    P.S. Do the shorts have built in underpants? I find that's a must...

  4. Ditto on Holly's comment. I don't know what Marathonfest is. But I don't live in Florida either, so I'm mostly just interested.

    Have fun at Rock n' Roll Chicago! I'm pretty sure I'm going to sign up for Rock n' Roll Virgina Beach in the next couple weeks. Eek! It could be hot. But should be REALLY fun :)

  5. Hey girl, I fell of the blog scene for a little so I'm playing catch-up with your marathon journey. Hope that ITBS is behaving. Foam roll like you've never foam rolled before :)
    p.s. I finally posted my Chicago Training plan: