Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What is Marathonfest?

For those who asked.... quick rundown.

  • Operated by Track Shack in Orlando
  • Facilitates 2 weekly workouts a week PLUS a long run on the weekend that gets longer incrementally for whatever marathon you're targeting (they give you a custom schedule based on which marathon you want)
  • Has educated coaches to help you through things..
Link Here:

I'd encourage anyone near Orlando to do it!


  1. Oh and a disclaimer - I haven't actually done it yet so I have no real review of it. Just thinking it looks like a great idea and I've HEARD great reviews from OTHERS who have used the program ;D.

  2. I think that having a detailed scheduled like the one provided by the Track Shack is a great idea, especially for a first-time marathoner. Plus it's great to have coaches and experienced pacers to guide you along the way.

    I have been a pace leader for Chicago Endurance Sports since last summer's Fall Marathon training program, and we provide many of the similar features that your program offers. We get a lot of newer runners and first-time racers, and the fact that we get so many of them to come back is something that I enjoy.

    I hope it turns out to be a great experience for you!