Thursday, June 3, 2010

14 milesssssss

I'm very tired so I'm going to go take a nap soon but I wanted to update the blog on my newest long run :D. But, since I"m lacking energy this will be a very short straight-to-the-point highlights post. Hope you don't mind!

  • 14 miles
  • 2 hrs 32 min 10:53/mile pace
  • Faster than my pace for my last 12 miler, and recent 10 miler! Pretty awesome.
  • Food:
    • Sharkies organic energy chews during run (awesome as always)
    • We had a horrible storm last night and no power so my "pre long run dinner" last night ended up being cold pasta and peanut butter and jelly. I might have to remember that, apparently it worked well :D
    • I took Robyn from Running Circles Around Turtles' advice and put a fat free egg product on my english muffin before the run this morning (just eggbeaters microwaved in a mug into a circular shape). I definitely think this was an amazing idea, I felt like my breakfast energy lasted much longer than normal (normally I just have two plain english muffins - today I had one english muffin w/1 scrambled egg beater on it)
  • At 13.1 miles I threw up my hands and yelled "I just ran a half marathon!!!!!" it was pretty awesome.
  • Ironic I had a nightmare about cockroaches last night and I saw an unreasonable amount of them on the road today.. Nasty
  • Friend joined me for the last 4 miles.... it was nice being able to break it up in my mind as a 10 miler and a 4 miler with a friend
  • No "targeted" pain (shins and IT band felt okay) just overall achiness...
Overall? Great run!



  1. Amazing! You Run girl! Congratulations on a great long run...amazing pace and you were able to get faster as the run went on....awesome!

  2. You are awesome! That is an amazing pace (so jealous). You are going to rock this marathon!

  3. Holy EFF!!! Way to go....that is awesome!! I hope to be throwing up my hands at a 13.1 mile mark rather soon....possibly this weekend if I'm feeling frisky :)

  4. Awesome job! I was thinking the same thing! Jeeze you just ran a half!!!

    Good pace too. Totally respectable half time. You are really flying ahead with your training :)



  6. You've been commenting on my blog lately and I just wanted to say thank you - you've been really motivating!

    That's an awesome pace and I SO would have done
    the same thing at 13.1! I just picked up Sharkies this weekend and am excited to use them on my next loooong run!

  7. "At 13.1 miles I threw up my hands and yelled "I just ran a half marathon!!!!!" it was pretty awesome." -- LOVE IT!!!!!

    Great job!

  8. Congratulations on the PDR!

    For a second, I thought that your dinner was PB & J ON cold pasta, which sounds wholly unappealing...

  9. another goal off the list!!! excellent pacing by the way, I'm always impressed on how you're able to finish so strong!

  10. Impressive run! I fully agree about having a friend along for PART of a long run making all the difference in the world. I once had a friend join me on miles 2-4 of a 10 miler. After he left I thought "I just have to do a 10k on my own."

    Anything over 10 gets hard for me. Get it!

  11. Yay! Great job on your run, Ms. Lauren! :) Glad to hear the egg/mini bagel idea worked well for you. I always notice a difference w/ energy levels.

    Weird about the cockroaches. I had one last week about them, and thankfully DIDN'T seem them the next day. Yuck. But you know our FL rains bring them OUT....

    I agree with inspiredtorun13 - anything over 10 starts to feel hard for me (mentally and physically).

    Congrats on your 'half-marathon!' Woo Hoo!

    HUGS! See you Tues am for group training. :)


  12. wow! How did I miss this?? You ran a 1/2 marathon girl!!!! I'm incredibly amazed by you right now! :) You're my super hero lol.

  13. Wow! That is awesome mileage! Congrats! Hope you did something awesome to celebrate =)