Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May Stat Post

Yayyy Time for Monthly Stat Post. I love these....

May 2010:
  • Miles Ran: 97
    • Weekly Breakdown:
      • Week 1: 22 miles
      • Week 2: 23 miles
      • Week 3: 19 miles
      • Week 4: 26 miles
      • Week 5: 22 miles
      • Note: These don't add up to 97 cause dailymile rounds and because week 1 included April days :)
  • Time Ran: 16 hrs 53 min
  • Average Pace for ENTIRE month: 10:56/mile
  • New Experiences:
    • High-fived by a random stranger on a run
    • First double digit run
    • Joined Marathonfest (a local marathon training group)
    • Ran in sports bra and felt super confident!
    • Ran 6 miles nonstop
    • Ran 7 miles nonstop
    • Had a gym crush
I hope June is just as good :D

p.s. what's everyone doing for national running day tomorrow??

Oh and some pictures of the trail I've been favoring lately:D


  1. oooo that trail is nice! I wanna run it...where is that?
    Grats on the mileage....you kicked my ass this month :)

  2. Hey Harold! It's the greenway in Orlando. It is quite beautiful. It's about 7 miles by itself and then it hooks up with cady way which is about 10 miles and then that hooks up with seminole which is bunch more :D it's pretty crazy!

  3. a very good month lauren. you're bang on track for chicago.

  4. Oh gosh! I almost forgot about national running day! Thanks for the reminder!

    A random person high-fived me in May too. It made me laugh.

    Awesome mileage!

  5. wow girl!!!! That is awesome! :) And that trail looks nice, like a good place to run. Just be safe, I do NOT want to see your face on my 6 o'clock news.

  6. "High-fived by a random stranger on a run" hahaha. This is awesome, I love it!

  7. Those trails look gorgeous! I'm definitely missing Florida right about now.