Monday, June 14, 2010

Not an option!

Getting up at 4:30 this morning was tough... immediately after the alarm went off I started thinking about my options. I started with the whole "give me one good reason why I need to get up now... I can run later at the gym... I can run tomorrow..." And the problem is I actually like running on a treadmill unlike other blogsters so being able to run outside isn't even a motivation.

I just need to stop thinking about other options. Getting up is what I'm going to do. No options... no weighing decisions. This is what I used to do and it worked fine. Alarm goes off... DON'T let the brain get started and just do it. That's it.

Anyway, great 6 mile run today! Starting real "structured" marathon training this week! Schedule will be:

Monday: 6 miles easy
Tuesday: 5 miles including speedwork
Wednesday: Rest (including hard corework and strength)
Thursday: 6 miles hills or tempo run
Friday: Cross training (plus easy corework)
Saturday: Long run (10-22 miles)
Sunday: Rest (including hard corework and strength)

Today's 6 mile run splits (negative-ish YAY!)
Mile 1: 10:40
Mile 2: 10:47
Mile 3: 10:15
Mile 4: 10:19
Mile 5: 10:11
Mile 6: 9:30

Total: 1:01 - 10:17/mile

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  1. Negative splits = good stuff!

  2. good girl!!!

    Junie B

  3. There is no option...I like that!
    You did good :)

  4. Ha it's funny that I just wrote about the same thing!! Not an option...I'll have to try that.

  5. Amazing and so inspirational! Great job...I might have to make running not an option in the mornings for me soon....

  6. Love it! I do the same..I find it best to not even allow myself to think about it. Alarm goes off...don't even look at the time, just get up and hop in the shower to limber! Good going, girl!

  7. Way to finish strong! And way to get up at the crack of dawn!

  8. Good job getting out there and pushing through your mental block. I've been bad at getting up for runs every day this summer. It's pretty demoralizing at this point.

    Your marathon training is off to a great start!

  9. I'm a little behind in my reading. You'll see more and more neg splits as you train. That picture descibes it perfectly!