Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Chicago Vacation....

My Chicago vacation this weekend has been absolutely amazing... but it needs to end soon before I gain so much weight the plane won't take off with me as a passenger... Yeah I'm just kidding but seriously now :D.

I've been here since Friday morning to celebrate my 21st birthday weekend and the 4th of July with my wonderful parents in my hometown city :D. Since then I've....

*Feasted at Uncle Julio's (including steak fajitas, queso dip, fried balls of dough with powdered sugar on top, tons of chips and salsa, and yummy soft flour tortillas)

*Feasted at Bin 36 (including the world's most fattening cheese and a selection of wonderful wine, along with seared tuna, and freshly baked bread)

*Ordered an amazing pizza from Piece Pizza with a ton of meat on it (just how I like it)

*Brunch at Nookies (scrambled eggs, toast, hash browns, yummmminess!)

Oh and fitness-wise...

*Ran a 16 miler on my b-day
*Ran a 4 mile race with my parents
*will run 6 miles (hopefully) tomorrow and have a "guest training session" with my parents' personal trainer :D

Ahhhh it's been a weekend of bliss. Time to get back home tomorrow night and kick my "healthy" self back into gear :D.

No guilt... it's my birthday weekend :D


  1. Yum, Piece Pizza is so good! Glad you had a nice trip!

  2. I've never been to any of those Chicago places, booo!

    At least you did a lot of running on your birthday vacation.

  3. Bin 36 is awesome if you're a wine drinker too. I'm convinced that's why people sign up for the Chicago marathon...the food that you can enjoy pre- and post race

  4. Wow looks like you're ready to kick some butt at this half marathon coming up. Should be pretty easy for you if you're already doing 16-milers . The wine flight picture looks awesome. I love drinking wine. Just had a couple glasses with pizza tonight. :)

  5. You didn't go for a deep dish pizza?

    Too funny we both love Uncle Julios. I went there on a date on Tuesday night. The date was okay. The food was awesome ;-D Please tell me you've tried the Margarita Swirl!

  6. NICE!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday, sweet friend! Sounds like an amazing 21st birthday weekend. Good for you. You deserve it! (and still got in plenty of running - in spite of all the yummy food!)