Sunday, December 12, 2010

Brooks Adrenaline 11's and Hot Guys

So, important things first.

Brooks Adrenaline 11's (Female Size 7 1/2)

  I bought these last Saturday. I wore them on a 6 miler Tuesday, a 5 miler Thursday and an 11 miler today. My conclusion is this: They don't feel any different than my Brooks Adrenaline 10's. And I think that's a great thing because I loved my 10's. I've heard from other people they feel more "cradled" or whatever in the heel but I don't know, maybe I always tied my shoes so tight I never noticed OR it could be that i have my own separate sole inserts and the "cradling" was achieved by whatever inserts Brooks made and since I had to take those out to put my inserts in I wouldn't have noticed the new style of insert? I don't know, but the shoes are great. I haven't had any "growing pains" even though I didn't "phase out" my old shoes. I meant to, but after the first run didn't feel any different than my old shoes I decided to just jump in head first to this pair :D.

So, I love them.

Second thing, I didn't want to run today. I didn't want to run yesterday and actually skipped my run yesterday. Today I decide that I can't skip again and just tell myself to go out for 3 miles or whatever. And then I walk outside and it's like 20 mph gusts of wind. No thank you. So then I decide to go to the gym, already dreading having to run on the treadmill. But once I get there I realize there are an incredible amount of hot guys at our campus gym today. Staring at this wonderful scenery inspired me to run ELEVEN MILES... on a TREADMILL. Apparently since finals are over all the hot guys have all decided to spend their waking hours working out. That is quite fine with me as I think it's going to do great things for my fitness in the next couple of weeks :D

Running song of the day:
(There's a freaking ACCORDION in this song!)


  1. Haha, I'm glad you had a good reason to run so long on the treadmill!! Glad you like the update of your shoe.

  2. I don't think even shirtless Zac Efron could get me to run on the treadmill for 11 miles. Wow!