Sunday, December 26, 2010

Post Holiday "Fun"

First note, I need to start seriously thinking about what I want my 2011 goals to be! I'll be posting that somewhere around Dec 31st :D. I'm excited!

Second.... ohhh the holidays. They've been great. Seriously, awesome! This season brought me my first long distance race since my injury as well as a new apartmenIt, some wonderful time with family, and my very first attempt and making dessert from scratch....

Yeah, it was a sucess! The pie crust was a pain in my butt but after talking to some women in my family I now have  few "secrets" in my back pocket for the next time I want to attempt this again :D.

What goes along with homeade desserts? Eating too much... lol. I don't regret it though it was an amazing selection of food (including homeade Indian food from a family friend who was staying with us from India!)

Overall, a great great holiday season. Now it's time to run some of that off! Ran 9 miles today because it was incredibly windy and 10 just didn't feel necessary lol. I'll make up the extra mile somewhere else... or not because I have a half marathon in a week. We'll see :)

Next up.... Deleon Springs Half Marathon a week from today! w00t w00t!

p.s. real job starts next Tuesday! Eeeeks!


  1. Your homemade pie crust looks fantastic! That's something that I haven't attempted yet--too many things to go wrong!

    Mmm, Indian food! I could go for some spicy food right now.

  2. Yay you're back to blogging...and running. [or maybe I'm late to the party because I was on a mini-hiatus]. Way to successfully bake a pie. I dare not take on such and endeavor. Good luck @ your halfie this week. Happy holidays and a happy new year!

  3. wow those pies look so good :) hope you had a fabulous christmas and a great new years!

    ps. yay for 9 miles :)