Monday, January 3, 2011

So my "real job" starts tomorrow which will require a bit of traveling. I'm trying to create a "complete list" of "anything and everything I'd need" to run while traveling. My plan was to put EVERYTHING on the list so that I'd have a default list, and put all these things in a bag and then right before a trip I can figure out if some of them are unneccessary for that particular trip (like earmuffs) and take those out of the bag and put them in the "holding box" in the closet. So, no I don't plan on taking EVERYTHING on this list with me on every trip.

But, does it look like I"m missing anything? Anything you ALWAYS have in your running bag??

Running Shorts
Running Shirt
Extra Clothing Layers
Running Bra
Running Socks
Running Shoes
Running Underwear if not built-in
Bandaids for Toes
Knee Tape
Scissors for Knee Tape
Immodium AD
Food for Actual Run
Extra Food for After
Water Bottle
Fuel Belt
Waterproof Baggie for Phone
Wire for IPOD
Wire for Garmin
SpiBelt For Food
Extra Hair Ties
Race Directions
Magazines to Read at Start

EDIT: Recommendations from other Readers! I wanted to add them to make a SUPER COMPLETE list :D

From 4:30 or Bust
-Safety Pin
-Drawsting Bags
-Plastic Bags for Wet Clothes

From Aimless Runner
-Salt Tablets
-Body Glide

From Sit for your job. Run for your life.
-Road ID!!


  1. Nice list! I might have to add some of your items to my bag! I always have a couple of Gu, and also safety pins for race numbers. I also have a couple of drawstring bags / plastic bags for wet clothes. Oh, also, sunscreen!

  2. Body glide! And salt tablets if you usually take them on extra hot and sweaty longer runs.

  3. RoadID/Identification... especially if you're traveling somewhere. NO ONE will know who you are. Headbands/barrettes??

    Congrats on your job! If you travel up to the Boston/Providence area, let me know and we can go for a run!

  4. Dang! I was gonna say BodyGlide for sure. And I see you have food so that's good. I was gonna say GU for sure.

  5. that's a lot of stuff in yr running bag !!! :)