Tuesday, August 9, 2011

100 Pushup Challenge!

Well I took the initial test and guess how many consecutive pushups I can do....

**drumroll please**


Yes, only 6. It said consecutive so I don't think you're supposed to take breaks for the test purposes anyway. I think that's about right cause looking at the program for "6 pushups initial test" looks pretty intense for me! (see middle column). I'm not even sure I can do that first week. I think I'm going to just switch to girly pushups when I can't do regular ones anymore. And then just repeat the weeks until I can do all 3 workouts with all REGULAR pushsups. That's the plan for now. It's going to take me longer than most I think. My upper body strength (or lack thereof) sucks.

In other news, I think I want to take up some yoga. I've just been doing some sun salutations lately the night before my runs and I think it really helps my knee. I spent an hour and a half learning/practicing some new moves today and I really enjoyed it. I wish yoga classes were free.... :-/

This hurts my quads just looking at it! I was practicing this one tonight, but modified using a 'yoga strap' (or a belt in my case) to grab onto my anke...

Modified vesrion that i was doing (except replace cool official yoga strap with my belt haha)

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  1. I did the 100 push up challenge! It's actually great! And you feel really proud of yourself (at least I did!) once I competed them. I also did the 100 sit up challenge.