Saturday, August 6, 2011

18 Miler - OMG it was hot!

We had our 18 miler today (I'm in training for the Savannah Rock N'Roll marathon) and boy oh boy was it hot!!!

We started at 4:20am and it was already 84* with thick thick humidity. It only got worse from there!

I had to stop for some bathroom issues (see giant difference between 'total time' and 'moving time') in mile 7 and mile 10. But overall i felt that it went really well. If what they say is true about the heat above 80* slowing you down 2 min/mile, then I was super fast today ;)



My traditional "Post Long Run" Reward Cupcake (today it was a s'more's flavored cupcake)

It was pretty epic.

And nowwww resting for a while. I think I might start the 100 pushup program tonight :) I kept waiting until a time when I was "rested" because it recommends you get an intial pushup test when you feel rested, but I never do. I actually feel like I'd have more energy tonight since I got to sit and home and relax all day rather than during the week when I have to work all day :D Does that make sense?


  1. Congrats! Must be so hard to train in that heat...

  2. Great job on your run!!! You rock!! Glad to see you're posting again!

  3. girl dont i KNOW it! this is it for me! NEVER EVER EVER EVER again am I training for a fall marathon. ive done nyc and now #2 for chicago. i would have liked to have done MCM one day, but nope.

    you asked on blog if i was in FL. Nope, Houston, Texas. our weather is similar.

  4. Well done chica!!! Gosh how I miss running those routes! Hope you're recovering nicely after that reward cupcake!