Thursday, August 11, 2011

3 Things Thursday (Stealing this Line :D)

So first time I've ever done a "3 Things Thursday" (totally stolen from Redhead Blogger -

But it seemed to fit as there are 3 things I want to discuss!

1. I am in LOVE with my 110% "Play Harder" Compression capris (I have the ones on the right in the image below). They are basically compression capris, except that there is a "second layer" covering them, and you can slip these little ice sheets between the layers and it becomes a "Pants-Ice-Pack". Today I wore them and slipped the ice sheets in around my knees, it felt so good. The "pockets" around the knees actually go ALL hte way around the knees so you don't have to have the ice in a particular spot or anything. Overall it's amazing. I can ice and still go on with my day like a normal human being (walk around, cook breakfast, get the mail :D)

p.s. if you live near track shack they are having a 20% sale right now (these babies are included!)

2. I am also in love with Blue Diamond Salt N' Vinegar almonds. Do you like salt n' vinegar chips? I do.. I love them in fact, but rarely eat them because they are unhealthy. These things taste exactly like chips (even have that crunchy feel) but they are freaking healthy for you! Just a tip, measure out an ounce BEFORE you start eating them and put the rest AWAY or else you will end up eating way more than you want to (I know from experience :D)

3. I had a great run this morning despite the disgusting weather outside. And it really really is disgusting. It was a tempo day, here are the splits!

3.5 mi Warm Up

Mile 1 0:11:25

Mile 2 0:11:34

Mile 3 0:10:38

Mile 4 0:10:08 ** half of this was at tempo

6.5 mi Tempo Run

Mile 5 0:09:39

Mile 6 0:09:59

Mile 7 0:09:16

Mile 8 0:09:18

Mile 9 0:09:09

Mile 10 0:09:37

That's all folks!


  1. Good job on your tempo run!!!!

  2. I'm seriously jealous of those capri's!!! Also, well done on the tempo run girl! Getting speedy!!!

  3. Great job on that awesome tempo run!!!