Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Vacation Ramblings Part I: Phoenix, AZ

Ahhh vacation has been great. I've been doing a whole lot of nothing which is how I like it... I actually picked up a book I liked in middle school only to realize it now has a sequal and a third one on the way on Sept 27th! So of course i picked up the first and the sequel and am now working my way through them;

The series is;

"Abarat" by Clive Barker. Totally recommend it!

In addition to reading novels and eating myself silly, I've also been running. Yesterday was really really rough because it was freaking 92* at 4:30am! Phoenix is nuts. I have a feeling running in Hell would feel pretty similar. Yesterday's run since it was so hot was just done on flats, around the block...

Not a bad pace at all for me considering it was 92 **!!! And then today dad took his mountain bike out so that we could go explore "the papagos". Papagos are like giant sand dunes except they are actually made of rock. They are pretty neat and the ones near my dad's house in Phoenix have mountain biking trails all around them (which are pretty awesome to run :D)

This is a picture of the park we ran in and here is information about the actual run!

Again not bad considering the hills :D Check out this elevation map! I did a nice couple hill repeats on a super steep part near the end....

All in all this vacation has been great so far, looking forward to some more relaxing and more running once I head back home to sticky Orlando!


  1. I could NOT run somewhere as hot as PHX. It's pretty hot here, but I have total running failures over about 90deg

  2. I still can't believe you ran that fast in that heat!! Crazy girl! Proud of you though :) Enjoy the rest of vacation!!

  3. Welcome to my home! Geez! I can't even think about running. Besides the insane amount of rain Tucson has been getting I don't even contemplate running....