Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Frequency - Intensity - Duration

Before I begin I have to admit I can't actually take credit for this blog post. My boyfriend came up with the idea last week and for some reason it stuck with me (perhaps he IS smart! -just kidding he's brilliant).

Anyway, he told me that there are three pillars of training;
  1. Frequency
  2. Intensity
  3. Duration
Over the past year, I've nailed #3... I can "run" for hours (the term 'run' here is used loosely as an all-encompassing group of exercise that generally relates to running/walking/fast walking/meandering/chatting at water coolers). However, those 4 hours runs are neither intense nor are they frequent. Rather, I would "run" at a rate that would not leave me sweaty, out of breath, or red-in-the-face but rather looking like I hadn't run at all. And then, after I "ran" my 24 miles, I wouldn't run for another week. So, no frequency either.

This new training program and new year is all about consistency, strength, and speed. However, as it is commonly accepted that putting too many goals out there at one time makes it hard to achieve success, my boyfriend suggested that I try increase one of the pillars that I am lacking at any given time, before moving on to the next one. He suggested that since I already had the "duration" pillar down pat, perhaps I should move on to frequency since my main goal is to perform consistent workouts. I want to be working out 6 times/week (see previous post with training schedule here).

So, here's to increasing frequency! I'm going to focus this week on just getting the workouts in that I'd planned (i.e. run when I say I'm going to run, spin when I say I'm going to spin, etc) and not worry too much about the intensity/speed of such workouts. That doesn't mean I'm going to be unnecessarily slow, or that I'm not going to try to pick up the pace every now and then, but it's not what i'm focusing on. I need to learn how to be consistent. Steady and consistent.

What's your best "pillar" of training? What's your biggest area for improvement? 


  1. I need to work on my frequency/consistency as well. It's so difficult though to balance life and working and work! I haven't quite got it yet. Consider me a work in progress!

  2. I'm usually pretty consistent with my workouts. The hard part is finding replacement cardio when I can't run. I'll get biking workouts in, but not nearly at the intensity a run would've been.

  3. Great idea! I struggle with staying on track with my training plan! And I also have to work on pushing myself. Looks like you have a great plan to follow. Good Luck

  4. Once you get into routine and your body/mind understand that cardio and exercise are going to happen every day, it becomes totally necessary to get it in. I hate missing a workout now because I am literally addicted.