Monday, January 28, 2013

I PR'ed!

Last time I posted, I was worried about my hamstring. Well I was smart, took a few days off and then came back like a frisbee (yes, weird analogy).

So, the whole point of doing speedwork the last couple weeks was because I wanted to see how fast I was, kind of like a speedcheck. After doing long slow runs the entire past year I want to start focusing on speed again but in order to do that I needed to know where my starting point was. So I picked a local 5k (which happened to be this past Saturday) gave myself 3 weeks to remind my legs how speed felt and then gave it a go!

And guess what? (I bet you already know since I named the blog post after it...)

I PR'ed! I haven't done a 5k in 3 years because they simply terrify me, but I did it this past Saturday and here are the official results:

That's 25:03! My last 5k PR was 26:32 in 2009... score!

I'm a happy girl tonight! Okay time to catch up on other blogs!


  1. You rock! Congrats!

  2. well done lauren. great result.

  3. That should be some solid confidence moving forward! I am interested to see what my 5k time in heading into this season - Ohio needs to start scheduling some events.

  4. Dang girl, nice job! Was that the Seasons 52 race? I was out running with the group and saw some of the runners around Park Ave. I think my fastest 5k was 27:something and I was totally dying then.
    Don't you come back like a boomerang? LOL to the frisbee.

  5. Way to go! That's awesome - congrats!