Thursday, January 3, 2013

Where the heck did I go??? (Year and Half Recap!)

I'm back... took a year and a half (almost) off from this blog and well, any kind of structured running altogether  I think I really just got burnt out with training schedules and a little after my last post I had some pretty serious injuries that left me wondering if "it" was worth it (it meaning running). But, a year and a half later, rejuvenated and call it a New Years Resolution or just coming to my senses, I spent all yesterday writing down a plan, deciding on some major races for the upcoming year committing myself to a "consistent" training schedule. By that I mean, I HAVE been running, and quite a bit, but nothing consistent. I'll run 20 miles on a Saturday and then not run for a week, and then run a few 6 milers, run another 18, then stop for another week. The random running has been awesome, but it's not getting me to my goal. But, before I go into my 2013 goals I think I have a little explaining to do!

So, I checked my last post, and saw it was September 2011 (also I apologize for all the non-working picture links in my old posts, I deleted the album associated with this blog in a tiff about 6 months ago but instead of going through and deleting all the non-working images I decided to be lazy and explain it here).

Since September 2011, here's what happened (trying to be as brief as possible)

October 2011 - strained my groin while training for the Savannah, Georgia marathon in November 2011. Reason: Over-training and stubbornness  Also, I wasn't sticking with a schedule other than "run as much as I can whenever I can" ..pretty obvious in hindsight.

BUT... in November 2011 I ran the Savannah Marathon despite not having run the previous 7 weeks due to the groin strain I mentioned above. Given these factors, the race went really well!

And then I was feeling SO good I decided to go run 2 days later and... tore my peroneal tendon. Now, it's debateable whether I really tore it during the marathon and just didn't know because everything hurt so bad or if I tore it 2 days later on a 3 miler... nobody will ever know. Long story short...

December 2011 - Surgery to repair torn peroneal tendon after waiting 6 weeks for it to calm down on it's own

-no running for 6 weeks-

During this non-running time I volunteered at an ultramarathon and completely fell in LOVE with the community... December 4, 2011 I committed to running an ultramarathon in 2012 (more on that later :D)

January-Feburary 2012 - slow return to running. Moved to the slower run/walk marathon training group and slowly gained strength again in my ankle. 

March 2012 - Kept running, building strength, met a really awesome boy named Steve (more on that later :D)

April 2012 - Big Sur! - I was terrified of this race since I signed up for it almost a year earlier and I was not expecting to tear a tendon 5 months prior. However, I finished, it was awesome, and I truly fell in love with the California coast. This race made me 99% sure I'm going to move to California. 

And some pics of Monterrey (georgous!)

And then some of Alcatraz/San Fran (fell in love with this city too - this just seems like a year of love huh :D)

May 2012-September 2012 - Not much going on here, just running, relaxing, "kinda" training for the Chicago Marathon (very random not structured) and picked up a photography habit!

Oh except.. I forgot a major milestone here...

July 2012 - Turned 23 and decided to SIGN UP FOR AN ULTRAMARATHON! I decided on Peanut Island 24 hour in West Palm Beach. That way I could just run as far as my body could handle in 24 hours without having to worry about cutoffs. I decided 50 miles would be my goal and started training!

October 2012 - Chicago Marathon! Since I had decided in July to start training for Peanut Island my training for Chicago was mostly REALLY slow long distance runs and so Chicago was alright, I felt okay but man I was slow and I didn't really "go for it" because I saw it as a training run. (hence why I want to run it again in 2013 - see goals for 2013 later)

But, it went well;

Also in October 2012 (big month)

-got baptized!

Me and the boyfriend :D

-Carved pumpkins

November 2012: This month was filled with volunteering, fun and relaxation and hanging with the family. Oh and I randomly decided to run a marathon since I was still training for my ultramarathon (kinda lol) and I had the 'marathon base' in me. So I ran a slow one...

NiceServe 2012 (Volunteer Event - I led a team)

Space Coast 2012

And then gorged myself on Thanksgiving day food

December 2012: This month was again filled with fun and family and the boyfriend (Steve!). We went to Tahoe for Christmas and I learned how to ski. Surprisingly I took no pictures on this trip I think I was too cold. I did take a pic at Christmas dinner though! Aww aren't we cute lol

At the end of the month I had my ultramarathon. Training had not gone how I wanted it to partially due to being sick, injury scares, etc but really mostly due to my own inconsistency. I decided in January 2012 that my goal for 2012 would be to not get injured due to the surgery I had in December 2011. I met that goal but I think i swung too far the opposite direction and became TOO relaxed in my training. Nonetheless I DID complete my ultramarathon. I didn't get my 50 miles but I made it 37, which is 6 miles farther than a 50k (31 miles). So, I'm officially an ultrarunner and I'm happy :D.

pic of the trail around the island

me holding my medal after 37 miles!

However, running that race made me realize that I really need to focus and make a solid decision to build strength as a runner if I want to keep doing things like this. So, that leads to ....

2013 Running Goals:

2013 is going to be all about speed and strength. I've signed up for the San Francisco marathon (big thanks to Muddy Runner [] for encouraging me to go for it). This is a hilly race and I'm going to need all the help I can get if I'm going to be successful at it. To meet that goal I'm going to commit to a real honest-to-God training cycle including a real *gasp* base building period! No more random running marathons just because "I can" and meandering around the course, I'm going for it. The next 6 weeks is going to be all about short-distance speed (I'm even going to run a few 5ks!). And then come February, serious training for San Francisco starts and I'm committed!

Then, I'd like to redeem myself at the Chicago marathon. That marathon was just TOO perfect to treat it as a training run. I loved the experience and for the first time in my life I want to repeat a marathon (never thought i'd say that). So, come February I'll be one of the first on the entrants list!

So in short - 2013 Goals:

  • January 2013 - Complete 1-2 5k's and focus on building speed in anticipating for Training
  • February 2013 - Complete A1A Half Marathon (really try) and see where I am speed-wise and adjust training
  • June 2013 - San Francisco Marathon!
  • October 2013 - Chicago Marathon!
  • Winter 2013 - 50 miler (haven't decided which one yet :D).

And, that's it folks!

I can't wait to go read up on everyone I've neglected the past year and a half (sorry!)

Oh and a few more of the boyfriend and I, because I love him...


  1. WELCOME BACK!!! I was wondering where you had gone! Your pictures are so beautiful. Also, you seriously take amazing race photos. I am SO jealous :)

  2. This post makes me so happy! Welcome back :) It looks like your year rocked and I'm sure 2013 will too!

  3. Looks like you have had an amazing year and a half despite the injuries! Someday I think I may repeat the Chicago marathon as well. It really is a great race!!!

  4. For not having structure, you had an amazing 2012! Hoping your 2013 is awesome! I love your goals! Very well planned. Just curious who did your ankle surgery. I bet we have matching scars.

  5. Wow, Wow, Wow!!!!!!! So I feel EXTREMELY lucky/blessed/fortunate to have seen you on the SCHM course! Wow. I'm with @Maddy - for not having structure, you sure had an awesome year. It's amazing what settling in and settling down can do, right? Surgery, huh?? Well, that's the little detail that I left out of my oh-woe-is-me Turtles post this week. Thank you for dropping in! :) Your instincts were right and what you saw on the course that day was the precursor to unplanned back surgery two wks later. Yep.

    But nevermind that... you had me at "Steve." Oh, yeah! Great pics - of everything - including 'the boyfriend' - and I'll tell you - CA is an AWESOME place to live. Was there in the mid 80s and early 90s, from San Diego all the way up to San Francisco. Wonderful, wonderful. Oh, and I agree with @Mo (just noticed the comment) - you do take great race photos. It's evident you are in your element, my friend. You look like an elite athlete or better yet, a running mag model (seriously!).

    BIG hugs to you!!!!!!!!!!! So happy to see you are looking/feeling so healthy, happy, and balanced. Sounds like you reached your goal (see your own sidebar). Happy 2013, Lauren. It's yours for the taking... robin

  6. You still managed to run a lot and look good doing it! Here's to 2013 and consistency

  7. Wow!! What a great year!! I'm so glad you stopped by and commented on my post!! I'm looking forward to following you thru your journey!!

  8. Ok, so you've got a lot going on in this post. So I'm going to have a lot going on in this comment. LOL
    1. I love CA. My family lives there and I would love to live there someday too. So, so pretty and the weather! Holy crap, the weather. Love it.
    2. Your photography habit is pretty good! Lovin' those Alcatraz pics.
    3. Steve's a cutie! Is he a runner? Wait...yes he is because you said he's doing A1A. Did you meet him in a running group?
    4. Baptized! Did you change to Catholicism?
    5. How is it possible you look good in EVERY race picture. Honestly.
    6. I want to run Chicago. BAD. It will be my next marathon. If I do a next marathon. It's also my hometown. :-)
    7. Did you go to Lou Malnatis in Chicago? Because Lou can kick Gino's butt. :-)