Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Training Week #1 of 42

This was week #1 of training for Ancient Oaks 100-mile Endurance Run in December (keep in mind the date hasn't been set yet so the week # may change when it is).

I feel great, if not really really tired. The week went down like this;

Monday - 45 min on the elliptical. Training plan said "spin class" but after the half marathon on Sunday,  I was wiped so I opted for this instead. The goal is "cardio" so I feel like this was a success. Also added 10 minutes of corework.

Tuesday - 5 mile run @ 10:10/pace - felt tired, but good to get out there. This is my first real experiment into "active recovery" rather than just taking time off so the transition is definitely.. tiring. Also added 15 minutes of "real" corework with weights this night. I was sore for days - score!

Wednesday - 7 mile run @ 9:19/pace - started to feel good again and this was a strong run. Surprised myself by realizing that "active recovery" works :)

Thursday - Spin Class - 'nuff said

Friday - Rest Day

Saturday - 10 mile run @ 10:49/mile pace in the Clermont Hills! This run felt so strong and I was so happy with it given that I was sure I was going to feel super tired from the week's workouts. 

Check out that elevation! :)

Sunday - 6 Mile Run at a 9:19/pace. My legs were sore from Saturday, did NOT feel like running. Even talked to a friend to try to get her to tell me it was okay not to run. Thank goodness she told me to go do it. This run felt amazing after the 1st mile. And 9:19 felt easy after yesterday's hills. Score :)

Overall, it was a great week, strong training week and I'm ready now for week #2. 

284 Days - 19 Hours - 29 Minutes - 12 Seconds Until AO 2013

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  1. Woohoo! Those are the hardest runs to get through sometimes. That mental push plays a huge role.