Sunday, March 3, 2013

Training Week #2 of 42

The "tired" phase is starting to ease into the "wow I can really start seeing results and this is exciting" phase. I felt so strong this week, paces that used to feel like speedwork feel easy. Hills are feeling "natural" to me and spin classes no longer leave me worried that I'm going to fall down the stairs due to my quads giving out on me after. Things are good :)

Just in time for a cutback week this week! Yayyy I can't wait. 25 miles will be nice.

Here's how this week went down;

Monday - Rest
Tuesday - 5 Miles - Medium Effort
Wednesday - 7 Miles - Medium Effort
Thursday - Corework (w/weights) and Lunges (w/weights)
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Speedwork! 5 miles at 8:30/mile pace
Sunday - Hills - Hard Effort - 13 miles at a 10:30/mile pace

Elevation map from today..... total elevation gain 1,300 feet. Hello San Francisco I'm coming for you!!


  1. Amazing how the body adapts to the punishment we push it through!

  2. Awesome job, your hills look killer!

  3. Great! Your training looks really effective! Thank you for sharing with readers I am sure that they will find it useful!