Saturday, May 14, 2011

Last Pre-Marathon Post

Hello all, in less than 12 hours I will be running my first marathon. Next time you hear from me hopefully I will be a "marathoner" and not just a runner.

All my bags were packed...

"Carbo Loaded" at the airport while reading the "pre race jitters" chapter... again....

Got my #....

Charged Necessary Electronics

Set up Race Outfit/Gear

Re-stapled my amphipod belt... yes I'm ghetto.... but they say don't change anything from training!

Looked outside at the weather.... crappy (you can't see the strong winds in this picture but trust me, they are there)

Double checked the forecast... yes... it really IS crappy.... notice the 26mph winds???

And now, my goals for the race. That book in the earlier picture says you need to set 3 goals for your marathon. The 'best case', 'probable case' and 'worst case' scenario goals. So here it goes.

Best Case:
In this scenario, the forecast is miraculously wrong and I show up tomorrow to limited light winds, the temperatures are in the 40's and actually feel like the 40's, my breakfast settles fine and my bowels decide to move BEFORE race start. I feel amazing and don't rush the start. Goal would be to finish in less than 5 hours and finish with a smile.

Probable Case:
In this scenario, it's raining slightly and winds are between 20 and 25mph. It's in the 40's but feels like 30's. But, I trust my training, don't rush the start, conserve energy for the windy parts and push through. Goal here is to finish in 5 hours or a little more and finish with a smile.

Worst Case:
In this scenario, it's downpouring, winds have miraculously reached hurricane strength and I can barely stand. It's actually below freezing and I'm worried about hypothermia. I rush the start because I'm too worried about finishing before hypothermia hits, so my legs die on me at mile 18 and I have to walk the last 8 miles. Goal here is to finish before the 6hr 15min mark so I can get my medal...

Other Case:
Something goes horribly wrong and I either don't finish or I don't finish in 6hrs and 15min.

I think I'd be okay with Scenarios "best to worst", I wouldn't really be okay with "other" but I could live with it. I know I'll complete a marathon eventually if it doesn't happen tomorrow.

Bottom line is, I'm worried about the wind but excited about the fact that I'll most likely be fine and be a marathon finisher in less than 17 hours. We'll see :)

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  1. Good luck! I can't wait to hear all about it!

    What are the staples for on your belt? Is it because the elastic is too stretched? I noticed that starting to happen to mine, but haven't need to do anything to fix it yet.