Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Anyone have an extra pair of shins lying around?

So yeah, if any of you have an extra pair of shins you're not using, could you please mail them to me? I'll pay postage :D.

I guess I should be happy my quads and hamstrings are feeling so amazing, and I am happy about that. However, the pain in my shins were back on this morning's run. I'm icing, advil'ing, and praying. We'll see what happens on Friday's run.

Run ReCap:
3 miles - 10:17 pace (30:53 total)

On another note, I got a massage last night (she focused on trying to work on the knots in my shoulders AND legs). I didn't know you COULD get knots in your legs but apparently I have done it. I'm amazing. I need to stretch more.

This post seems really negative, but i really am happy with my progress, pain is just a little discouraging. But like I said yesterday at least it's changing spots rather than one consistent spot. :(

Oh and apparently the following poses are supposed to strengthen your shins and help with shin splits (so says my personal trainer). Hold them until you either tire in your lower legs or you completely lose balance (I usually lose balance first). I will definitely be doing them...

p.s. if you decide to try them try to find a website explaining exactly how to do it - I had my trainer sitting there telling me where I should be pushing and whatnot so it's not exactly self-explanatory from the pics...

Dancer's Pose

Warrior's Pose III

Tree Pose


  1. Sorry your shins are bothering you! My husband used to get shin splints, but I have been lucky not to have any trouble there- so I can't say that I feel your pain :( hope they get better soon!

  2. I haven't ever had shin splints, but I've had enough other leg issues to totally EMPATHIZE! I hope the poses help. Those are some of my favorite yoga poses!!

  3. Eww...I hate shin splints. I usually rub icy-hot all over them at work (and drive my office-mates crazy in the process! lol) Hope they feel better with the poses. And *yay* for a massage!! I need to look in to one of those!

  4. Ugh, I'm sorry about the shin problems. So annoying and hard to shake!

    Man, my massage messed me up last week. She tried to get out knots in my calves, which I didn't know I had. Now, I feel like I have a GIANT knot in my left calf. Bummer.

  5. Wow, that's some dedication with the running calendar! Try lifting your toes (repeatedly) while keeping your heels on the ground and while sitting down. It is easy at first, but after about 100 of them you'll feel the burn in your shin. It's a good strength exercise.

  6. Hey girl! Hope those shins are doing better and didn't bother you on your Friday run. That sucks.

    I love getting massages and it seems to help me A LOT!

  7. Okay, I didn't read this before I commented about it being NBD if you're extra-sleepy when cranking up the mileage, b/c that happens to me.

    Shins splints are more of a big deal. It sounds like you are doing what you need to to take care of them.

    One piece of advice... don't be a slave to your training schedule. If your shins or anything else starts to give you a lot of pain its okay to eliminate runs from your plan. The long runs are the most important, but pushing yourself hard when really sore is how sidelining injuries happen... (from experience in college)