Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ice baths, oatmeal, and irritable quads....

d a slow 4 mile run (my hamstring has been bothering me lately) on the treadmill. Hamstring was great, I was pretty ecstatic. Then however I had my strength training with the trainer and seemed to have pissed off my quad muscle.

Hoping it's nothing an ice bath and a few days of icing won't fix. I'm actually hopeful because it seems like lately my pain comes and goes in random parts of my legs but it's not the kind of pain I had in my shins when I first started all this running stuff that just built and built until it was shooting pain. This seems to come AND go.... which is nice. I'd rather it JUST go but whatever.

Run Recap:
4 miles - 40:25 (10:06 pace) on treadmill @ 1% incline

Fun pictures....

Training Plan on the Fridge! Crossed off today!

Mmmmm Ice bath!!

Oatmeal to eat while in the ice bath (I get cold!)

Yummmmy breakfast after ice bath!


  1. i look forward to a nice huge bowl of oats after my run!! i think i could eat oatmeal for every meal. there's so much you can do with it!

  2. Keep up the great work Lauren :)

  3. Oh man, ice baths. Urghghh, I am shuddering just thinking about them. It definitely isn't warm enough here to contemplate getting into a tub of frozen stuff. That said, I'm glad you're good about taking care of yourself!

  4. oooh...ice bath. Brrr!!! I love that you're actually eating bananas & toast!! You're my hero :P

  5. That breakfast looks so delicious. I LOVE eggs!