Friday, March 19, 2010

First Experience with a Personal Trainer!

This morning I had my first session with my personal trainer. I guess it was more of a 'fitness inventory' and consultation rather than a workout session since we didn't really workout all that much. This is what we did:

  • measured weight/body fat (I'm good here...)
  • discussed preexisting health conditions (alright here...)
  • discussed goals (the marathon)
  • flexibility test (HORRIBLE... lol. I have no flexibility apparently)
  • Upper body strength test (again.. horrible)
  • Core body strength (I was great here! I guess my ab/corework has been paying off)
  • 1.5 mile "timed trial" run. Total was 12 min 40 sec. First mile was under 8 minutes!
Then we made a plan...

Meet 2x/week for an hour consisting of;
20 min strength training
20 min flexibility training
20 min ab/corework

I'm super excited! I think this will be really good for me. I've never strength trained in my life!


  1. Ooh! That sounds awesome!! I hope you get a lot of progress out of it. I love strength training because you can see results...but I love running more because you can FEEL results! :)

  2. Best wishes. I've had a good and bad experiences with personal trainers. it depends alot on how well the match works out. i hope your experience is good!