Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Back to 3rd grade....

Warning: Dad... you may want to skip this post too! Sorry :D

I have a crush! More specifically I have a gym crush. Gym crush as in, guy at the gym that I've seen the last 3 times I've been there now that I'm sure has no idea I exist, but provides me much motivation and daydreaming material to pull me through endless miles....

let me back up a bit. Let me first explain that at the UCF gym, the treadmills are on the second floor on kind of a balcony thing, overlooking the weight floor. Yes that's right, as I run I get to stare at the weight floor (and the wonderful human beings of the male race that inhabit it during the day).

Well one of those humans happens to be a perfectly normal-looking (as opposed to steroid-pumped-lookin) toned guy with beautiful brown wavy hair that kind of bounces up and down when he does pull ups (25 today!!! I counted!!).

Okay I sound like a creep.

Anyway...... I ran 5 miles today. It was good. Like I said I had entertainment. LOL Oh and I skipped my strength training cause my motivation decided to go home and suddenly I was feeling VERY tired. :D

10 miles on Thursday!!!!!! I'm so nervous.......


  1. Yesssss. I have a gym crush too. Well actually probably more than one because I work at a gym...a couple of them talk to me regularly now.

    I'm all about normal, yet athletic looking guys too. I don't crush on the steriod looking ones. Ew. Happy training ;)

  2. Good luck on your 10 miler. You'll do fine, just take it slow if you need to. Hitting a new distance PR is always amazing. BTW, I work at UCF. We should meet up sometime. Would you be interested in rock climbing at all?

  3. LOL!!! You are soooo funny (and cute!). I say whatever it takes to crank out those miles. :) Good luck on your 10-miler!

    BTW: I joined one of Track Shack's training groups - like we talked about. Haven't posted about it yet, but will soon...

  4. BTW: Have you given any more thought to the Nov 21st Half in St. Pete? Will be a FUN weekend!

  5. I was thinking we could go to rock climbing at UCF since it will be free for you and I think I can buy a day pass for $10. I am also thinking of having a girls night out on a Wednesday at Aiguille since ladies climb for $12. I was going to set it up for next Wed, but I'll be in San Fran, so it may have to wait until the 19th. I'll keep you posted.

    PS - There is a subscribe by email link under the comment box and I think a box you can check when you comment.

  6. Yay for 10 miles coming up! You'll rock that. If I wasn't married, I think a gym crush is fun. I don't think you're weird for counting pull ups. I have to distract myself a LOT when I'm on the treadmill.

  7. LMAO, love this post! I have a gym crush too and he is totally my motivation for most of my workouts. They are perfect distractions. Can't look like a wuss in front of your crush, right? :)