Monday, May 3, 2010

Proud of My Mileage...

I finally got around to putting ALL my workouts (from when I started) into daily mile so I could actually analyze my mileage and I'm amazed! I really have come so far...

First image is my "monthly" miles...

Dec: 18miles
Jan: 35
Feb: 44
Mar: 67
April: 78
May: 8... and counting

Second image is my weekly miles. This impresses me more cause I can see the "building" pattern (if that makes sense). And it makes me feel better about my "bad" weeks because they don't seem to hurt the overall flow of the chart.... I'm not going to write them all out separately cause there are a LOT of weeks... I hope you can read the small numbers!


  1. Ohhh cool! Good job!
    I gotta mess with these graphs in dailymile too....

  2. That's awesome! It is very motivating to see the mileage increase like that because it feels like you are moving in the right direction.

  3. 78?! HOLY COW! You're a rockstar! Totally jealous!

  4. wow... that's a lot of miles!!! (and I'm not just saying that)... You might be seeing me in Chicago yet... I gotta get my ass in gear!

  5. Great job! Aren't those graphs at DM nifty? Seeing them grow is motivation enough to keep going :)

  6. Love DailyMile! It's very motivating to see your progress. :)

  7. Yayayyy! It's pretty exciting/surreal right? I'm still impressed you are going for a full as a college student!

    I didn't even go for a half until after college. Sitting in a cube all day made me restless ;)

  8. Hi! I am visiting from Robin's blog!

    It looks like you built your mileage up nice and steady! Way to go! And that does make the bad weeks seem not so bad - I can relate!

    P.S. I work in Chicago and am running on 10/10/10 too! :)