Saturday, May 1, 2010

Stinky run and I got my feelings hurt...

So I'm hungover (sorry dad if you're reading this), cranky, tired, and really groggy. I got in at 5am last night and slept in til 1pm so it was a nice 87 degrees and humid outside when i finally rolled out of bed. I considered eating a real breakfast and running tonight at the gym since I didn't eat much last night but then quickly realized I really didn't want to run today and if I didn't go at that moment I'd probably just blow it off. So I grabbed and english muffin and out the door I went.

I got on the treadmill and walked 5 minutes and then started jogging. This was my thought process the first 10 minutes... "Oh wow.... oh wow this sucks.... it's okay it's the first mile it always sucks the first mile.... it'll get better."

10-20 minutes looked like this:
"wowwwww this sucks. I'm sooo tired.... I feel dizzy. This sucks... maybe I should stop after 3 miles...."

and then at THAT point I remembered that someone on a different blog posted that when you want to quit you should tell yourself to just go until the next mile marker (or whatever increment) and THEN decide whether or not you should quit... I guess once you get that extra distance you'll want to go another increment.

Anyhow... this was my mind's response to THAT thought; "what do you mean 'reconsider what you feel like at 3 miles' it doesn't freaking [not the word I used] matter what you feel like at 3 miles... you're gonna finish this damn run cause it's your own fault for being an idiot last night when you knew you had to run this morning so suck it up big girl and don't even think about quitting cause it aint an option unless you faceplant on the treadmill from exhaustion... THEN you can quit"

I almost started crying on the treadmill. I hurt MY OWN feelings. Seriously. I've never been that mean to myself before. I'm sure it's just because I felt so sucky but seriously who IS that mean girl in there? Ever since I started running it's made me very loving and respectful to myself. I'm so proud of everything I've accomplished I can't believe I'd be that uncompassionate when talking to me...

Long story short I finished my run, felt like crap. Still feel like crap. Dizzy, nauseous, and going back to bed now.

5 miles - 54:40 total time - 10:56pace.

(the good news here is that it was relatively pain free :D)


  1. Go you for persevering. Running is both a mental and physical challenge. Yeah every time I think of going out... then I remember if I have to run the next day. I usually tend to be a hermit then! LOL.

  2. Wow I don't think I could run while hungover! Good job :)
    Morgan and I couldn't do our long run today due to injuries, so instead we sat on the beach and drank. We were laughing at how injuries are driving us to drink! LOL

  3. Sorry you had such a negative run. I'm the queen of negative thoughts during a run or race! Believe me, I know it's not fun. I'm totally impressed with your run/pace while you were hung over too. Nice job.

  4. Awesome commitment to the run! I always had this theory that if you run after a night of binge drinking it would help your body metabolize the alchohol... not sure if it's true or not but its a nice thought... they real key to running after a hard night of drinking is to make sure you drink plenty of water though!

  5. Wow...sounds like you were pretty hard on yourself. I don't know every detail of your training schedule... and I know you're going for a full not a half............but..........I have a friend who trained for a full in college that allowed nights where he went out into his training plan. I'd go insane if I didn't do this when training for a half.

    I know most plans call for a long run on the weekend. And that's what I did the first two times I was training for a half. Then I realized I enjoyed my weekends a lot more if I did my long runs on Tuesday nights. Again, that's harder with a marathon. But since your a student maybe a weekday could work for your long runs as well?

    That's awesome that you were able to push yourself! I'd say make one of your off days either Saturday or Sunday. That way you can work out, go out, then spend the next day (guiltlessly) recovering ;)