Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So... I've been having trouble thinking of anything to say lately about my running. I figured I'd make a post since I haven't made one since my last (also relatively speechless) run....

Sat: ran 5 miles
Sun: ran 3 miles
Tues: ran 5 miles

-doing an hour of corework every other day... starting to see results...

But yeah... I don't have much to say. Normally I'm worried about my blog posts being too long. Not so much right now!

I am very stressed about school and CPA studying so I think my brain has turned to mush, and I don't even think about anything while I run anymore. Boo. Hopefully i'll get some inspiration in the next few weeks!


  1. I totally hear you...sometimes you have these down times in running and you are just doing it to maintain or start preparing for the next cycle...Once you start your group training you will get some zip in your step and brain...that is too bad that you are stressed about school...when is your exam?

  2. Hey you are still running, so that's good! Good luck with that CPA test....running definitely helps to break up the monotony of studying :)
    I'm hoping something weird/interesting happens on one of my next runs or Saturday's 5K so I can blog about it haha.

  3. School can be rough... but keep at it! Try to use your running as an escape -- think about your goals and aspirations and all the fun times you have had running. It will turn around.

    Great job on the corework! I was going to blog about that soon. I need some major ab assistance! Sounds like your workout is workin!

  4. That's actually great that you're in "auto-pilot" mode! That's the feeling I've missed these past two months and am slowly but surely getting back to.