Saturday, June 5, 2010

Awesome Running Date :D

So earlier this week a guy asked me out on a date.... a running date! I was a little apprehensive because normally first dates mean dressing up and putting on makeup, and doing my hair. Having a first date completely makeup-free while sweating my ass off didn't seem like something I would normally be excited about. But... I was. And for good reason apparently it was a ton of fun!

We went to Wekiwa Springs State Park (which if you haven't been there I highly recommend it) and ran the trails for about 2 miles and then ran around the roads for another 3. After the run we jumped in this....

Yeah talk about awesome. The cool water felt great on my legs (after I spent like 10 minutes ACTUALLY GETTING IN) lol. We finished up the morning with chocolate chip pancakes, scrambled eggs and sausage patties. It was awesome :D.

Note to all you guys out there; running DOES make a good date! Just make sure the girl is okay with being makeup-free!


  1. How fun! What a great place to run and cool off. I might be a little jealous of that lake!

  2. Awe, how awesome!!! What a fun first date!

  3. What a wuss....should have just jumped right in to get it over with haha!
    I'll have to keep this idea in mind though if I happen to find a chick that enjoys running!

  4. What a great first date! So cool can't wait to hear more!

  5. Wish I had an awesome swimming hole at the end of my runs. Oh, and you didn't mention how he asked you out. I'm always curious about those details...were you just stopped for water somewhere? At a running club?

    Oh, and I can't really see a sweet looking girl like you being a metal-head. And yes, head banging hurts my head too. :)

  6. How sweet! What an amazing way to spend a first date!