Saturday, July 3, 2010

4 miler in Elmhurst

Finally something to talk about! Today I ran the Elmhurst 4 miler on the 4th (or rather the weekend of the 4th). It went awesome. My overall pace was 8:30/mile. If it were a 5k it would have been a PR (my fastest 5k pace is 8:36/mile). So... I'm kinda disapointed it wasn't a 5k because while I DID PR (this was my first 4 miler) it didn't feel as meaningful since I've never done it before so I wasn't really beating anything lol.

I think a big reason I did so well was cause it was in the mid SIXTIES. That's right folks... SIXTIES. It was freaking awesome. After running in Florida, coming up here was like turning the calendar back six months to December. Ahhh cool weather running. Makes me miss the city.

Splits (by Garmin):

Total Time: 34:01
Distance: 4.07 (by Garmin)


  1. Dang those are SPEEDY splits! And good job on your 16 miles - extra credit for that being done on a 2-mile loop ;)

  2. Seriously! I was actually chilled running the other day. It was great!

    Ofcourse, its in the 90's again today.

    And those are damn fast splits. Nice job on the race and (new) PR. Gotta wonder how fast you could run just 3.1 miles. :)

  3. Congrats on your awesome race! Running 4M faster than your 5k pace means your fitness is improving by leaps and bounds. That's so inspiring! Congrats again!

  4. Awesome pace! Welcome back to the midwest :)

  5. Great Job on the PR. And the super long run (post before this one). I don't know if I could pass my car 8 times and not give into the temptation to just jump in and head home.

  6. No way! I ran that race today too. I'm a newbie and WAY slower than you though ( I found your blog through MJ's).

  7. That's awesome... super fast improvement - especially the last 3 miles... I guess if you're opposed to four milers you can just think of it as a .9 mile warm-up and then a 5k @ 8:15 pace!

  8. Wow, the weather really behaved for your race! Congratulations!

    I think you can count your 5K split as a PR. :)

  9. Congrats. A PR is a PR! I ran the same race Saturday and the only tricky thing there is how hard to run hills on the underpass

  10. holy smokes!!! thats AWESOMESAUCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. Whoa! Awesome 4-miler! And I am totally surprised by the cool temps!

  12. Wow! Those splits are fantastic! You're fast.
    Also, you should update your profile...since 21 is a lot cooler than 20 ;)