Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The extremes of tapering advice...

Here is some of the tapering advice I've received lately (in humor)

On Training
"Don't taper... just keep training... then your marathon will just be like a normal training run and you won't psyche yourself out"


"Cut your mileage way down, like 30% of what you were running, hell I doubt it would even hurt to just not run for a while..."

On Weight
"Stay out of the kitchen and try not to eat everything in sight..."


"Nourish your body, this is not the time to be watching your weight"

On Nutrition
“Protein the first 2 weeks, and then carbs! And low fat!”

"Just eat what makes you feel good.... anything that makes you feel better in these last couple weeks is a good thing and you’re not going to gain enough in 3 weeks to make a difference"


"Don’t change anything!!! Eat what you’ve been eating”

On Mental Prep

“Keep yourself busy… with things that don’t involve wandering the kitchen aimlessly”


“Think about the marathon, envision yourself having a great time”


“Try to forget about running… sex helps… “ (yes I ACTUALLY got that advice from someone)


  1. Ha ha. Everyone has so many different taper ideas. I have a friend who says not to taper at all. And others say to barely run. Just do what feels right!

    I will probably be running the Chicagoland Marathon, if these next two weekends of racing don't leave me too warn out.

  2. Haha great advice. Like everything, I think you should just do what feels right!