Sunday, April 24, 2011

Taper Time!!!

Ahhh there's so much to say. I'll try not to let this post drag on and on....

First, the reason I haven't updated since my 21 miler... 5 weeks ago? Well, I had  22 miler on the schedule for 2 weeks ago and ended up spraining my calf (I DID finish the dang run though, but perhaps I should have cut it short?) Anyway, long story short, I had a mental breakdown thinking that last year was happening all over again... and then I went and saw a doctor who told me no running for 7-10 days and I'd be fine. Well... I waited 8 days (I didn't even crosstrain, totally just sat on my butt) and... drumroll please... calf is fine. I ran 19 yesterday as my "last long run" before the marathon and felt good. Well... I mean I'm incredibly sore, but nothing actually "hurts" in a bad way. Apparently 19 miles is hard to run after missing an entire week of running AND missing last week's long run. Haha. But I'm happy.

So yeah, didn't want to update until I knew if I'd still be able to run the thing or not. And apparently, I am still on track to run it!

As I said, yesterday's 19 miler went pretty well. I used it as a test run for the real marathon, meaning I wore the same outfit, ate the same foods the night before, the morning of, and during the run, and wore all the "gear" I'll wear during the real marathon (ipod, garmin, etc.). Everything worked out well. I now have the following runs under my belt
  • 19 miler (yesterday)
  • 22 miler (2 weeks ago)
  • 21 miler (5 weeks ago)
  • 18 miler (8 weeks ago)
So I feel pretty prepared. I'm still kinda.... freaking out though? I don't know. I'm getting butterflies and I'm 3 weeks out! I think it's because I've finally completed all the technically "hard" parts of my training and now I'm just waiting. I've never been "here" before in my training so this is very new.

So I guess... taper. Gahhh!

How much do you guys usually cut back during taper time? I've never really done it before and I've heard a bunch of different things. My pace group leader suggested that I do the following;

Normal Week:
Tuesday - 6 (speed), Thursday - 6 (Tempo/Hill Run), Saturday - 10+ (Long Run)

Taper Weeks:
Tuesday - 6 (tempo), Thursday - 4 (Easy), Saturday - 10-14 (Easy)
Week 2:
Tuesday - 6 (Easy), Thursday - 4 (Easy), Saturday - 10 (Easy)
Week 3:
Tuesday - 3 (Easy), Thursday -3 (Easy), Sunday - 26.2 (Marathon!!!)

p.s. I really need to stop watching "spirit of the marathon"... seriously. LOL


  1. thanks for dropping by, lauren. you're ready. your taper plan looks fine though personally i would do a short tempo session instead of easy on either tues or thurs of taper week 2. good luck and enjoy the taper.

  2. Great job and good to hear you are back on track. Regarding taper, most of the time I'm not running enough miles to even make a taper. My taper is simply not running long on the weekend. lol. I will say if you run a lot and are banged up, then a 3 week taper is really smart to let the little things get all healed up.

  3. Taper is the toughest part of the training...try to stay sane. Looks like your pace group leader has got it right for your taper. Just make sure you take it really easy those last two weeks.

    Good luck!

  4. Your taper looks similar to what I did. Taper madness is an experience. I couldn't sit still more than a few minutes and I was eating everything in sight :)

  5. Glad your calf is feeling better! Good luck with the taper!

  6. So glad your calf is ok and that it wasn't anything to sideline you girl! After your experience last year you deserve this!!!

    Your taper looks good, but yeah, taper madness is an entirely different kind of beast to handle. Just try to stay busy with other things and don't eat everything just because it's there. Maybe keep a food journal for the next couple of weeks just to keep yourself in check so you don't over eat.

  7. I am not the best at the taper thing, so not the right person to ask. Good luck!!

    And you gotta love Spirit of the Marathon =)

  8. Taper will make even seasoned marathoners crazy so it is completely normal to feel the way you do. You are prepared so if doubt starts to creep in, remember your fastest runs and longest run of 22.