Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saying no to 13.1 miles

I started panicking about 3 days ago when I realized that the half marathon was actually coming and I would, in 3 days, actually be called on to finish 13.1 miles. Me, my throbbing shins, and my complete lack of training would be required to somehow absorb the shock of pounding my feet against the asphalt for 13.1 miles.

I decided today that it just wasn't happening. It's not the fact that I didn't think I could MAKE it across the finish line in one piece, I definitely would. But it would be with a body that would most likely not be able to really get back into training for a couple weeks minimum. I just wasn't ready. Now that I know I"m not doing it I feel very relieved honestly. I'm not even ashamed or guilty, just relieved. I wasn't ready and that was it.

We (my mom and I) are going to do an 8 miler instead tomorrow. Exactly halfway between my normal 3 milers and the 13.1 I was thinking about actually running. I'm excited :).

Lesson of the day: Giving up is sometimes the way to win.

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