Monday, March 8, 2010

Some Galloway Stuff (Marathon Training Prep?)

So I haven't done a 'magic mile' test yest (for the galloway program) but I found the magic mile # associated with my recent 5k time, and figured that's good enough til I can do a 'magic mile' test sometime this week (maybe thursday?).

Magic Mile Estimated Time:

5k Pace
8:43 min/mile (27:01)

10k Pace
9:24 min/mile (58:14)

Half-Marathon Pace
9:48 min/mile (2:08:23)

Marathon Pace
10:37 min/mile (4:38:09)

Marathon Training Pace
12:37 min/mile (5:30:33) <-- which is exactly what we were doing yesterday! Rock on.

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