Sunday, May 30, 2010

7 Miles Nonstop!

So after my nonstop 6 miler a few days ago (the longest I've ever gone nonstop) I ran 7 miles nonstop yesterday! What led to this? Well I felt so dang great at 5 miles... and then 6 miles... I just kept going. The funny thing is the first 3 miles of the run kinda sucked. I had even bargained with myself like if I ran 4 I could stop... etc. I'm going to try to remember that feeling next time my first 3 miles suck. I just wish the run felt that good from the beginning.

  • Do the beginning of YOUR runs suck?
  • If so, how do you get over it?
  • Any tips for me?


  1. On my long runs, it usually takes me 2-3 miles to get into things. I just attribute it to me not being a morning person. I just chug through it and eventually my muscles wake up and I'm going strong :D

  2. Hi!! When I was training for my first half I remember reading an article where the writer said it sometimes took him 3 miles before he felt good on his run. I think the farther your maximum distance, the longer it can take to feel "warmed up." That was advice I took to heart.

    I do just what you said, make myself run 3 and reassess if I really feel bad enough to quit or just needed to warm up. If I'm "not feeling it" I'll try to focus on the lyrics to the songs I'm listening to. It's a good distraction.

  3. Congrats on your long run! :)

    I haven't been running for very long, but the first mile and a half are always the most difficult for me. I just push through the best that I can in order to accomplish my goals.

  4. Oh and very awesome about the nonstop 6 and 7 milers! :)

  5. Congratulations on another non are an inspiration. I find that I try and go in with thinking about what pace I want to run and focus on gives a little task..this has been helping me to get into the first few KM's....I also "try" and take it slow the first few to allow me to get my head into it and warm up...and some positive self talk too...

  6. Starting is the worst. One I'm out there, I am ok, its just getting out the door that is harder. I know the first mile is very hard. My personal (non-medically trained) theory is that there is no blood vessel dilation until I am running for a while. During that first mile or two, I'm not getting the blood supply levels that my legs really need for that level of exertion. As my heart rate goes up, blood vessels dilate and blood flow rate increases to a more helpful level.

    That's all I've got on that.

  7. The beginning of my runs almost always suck. I don't have any good tips for getting through it--other than knowing that it will probably get better.

  8. The beginning of every run sucks for me, and it took me forever to accept that fact and just roll with it. It's always the last 50% of a run that feels best, like I'm really 'sweating it out' and having fun. Congrats girl, you are super inspiring and amazing. I'll admit...I'm a little jealous of you, in an awesome way! :P

  9. The first couple miles of most my runs suck. So I just try to keep my pace light so it doesn't suck as much :-). I usually run faster during the second half of my runs. Mostly because I won't want to run very far if I start out too aggressively. Great job on running your furthest!

  10. Ditto to everyone on the first couple miles of long runs... not sure if it's mental, the pace, or the fact that they come at the end of the week of training... whatever the case I almost always feel a lot better after mile 3-4.

    Usually I'll just gut it out... but every once in a while if I'm really struggling, I'll stop for a second and stretch and maybe walk for 15 seconds... I'm not a huge fan of walking but I've found its better than fighting with my mind for miles and miles.

  11. Awesome job!

    It takes me a long time to get in to the running groove now - at least 2-4 miles, so the beginning of my runs often do suck! I just stick with it and try to remember all of the times it has gotten better.

  12. yes, they do start out sucky a lot of the time...but once i get past 3 i am usually good. as far as tips, just know that its PROBABLY gonna get better so stick it out during the early miles. though be warned sometimes it sucks the whole time :)

    way to go!


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